Brita Linius

Painter and visual storyteller

Brita Linius has been drawing and painting since her childhood, but only at a mature age did she choose art as a living. This led to the artist eventually establishing herself with her own gallery in Copenhagen.

On the way to this goal, Brita Linius has participated in several courses and art schools, where she has worked with composition, form, and color, charcoal drawing, watercolor painting, oil, acrylic, graphics, and etching, modeling, and sculptures. Along the way, Danish and international art history was also studied. 

All of these art forms have helped to inspire and shape Brita Linius into the visual artist she is today.

The versatile schooling and approach to her works have meant that Brita Linius has occasionally worked as a freelance teacher at art schools.

Brita Linius
Brita Linius

The primary inspiration for Brita Linius’ paintings is taken from her many study trips to southern Europe. And as with many other Danish artists in the past, it was Italy that captured her heart. Since then, this beautiful country has been the dominant source of inspiration for image elements and the choice of motifs in her works.

Brita Linius has sold and exhibited works internationally, including in Germany, Scotland, Greece, and Iraq, just as several of her paintings have been printed as art posters and also sold internationally, among others on Amazon and

Today, Brita Linius works from her own studio in the home north of Copenhagen.